Hello world!

Hello world indeed! 2012 has come and it’s now the time to reinvent what I have started a year ago. I started book blogging around 2010 when I decided I wanted to document my thoughts and opinion regarding books or any book related ideas which is why I created Clandestine Sanctuary. However, as months has passed I felt that I wasn’t really comfortable blogging at Blogger which is why I finanlly (after months and months of hesitation) decided this year to totally shift to WordPress and reinvent the name altogether for a new start.

Basically The Solitary Bookworm will just be a mirror of some sort to Clandestine Sanctuary as I decided not to delete it – you can still read my review and other posts there if you decided to but from now on The Solitary Bookworm is going to be my permanent home so lets sit back and grab our favorite read and enjoy the fulfilling contentment that book provided us from then to tomorrow.

1/25/2012 — I just realized that after a long time of not doing book reviews and being active in the blogging community, I seemed to be lost – I’ve lost the rhythm/schedule that I maintained when I was blogging in Blogger. Blogging now seems to be a foreign concept in addition to adjusting to WordPress from my former blog – there’s no issue there actually, it’s just that I was so used to blogging in a different platform which makes my blogging experience now alien-ish to a point but that won’t stop me. The love for book and the chance to discovering new reads and friends is a greater pull factor, plus doing so gives me pleasure.

Happy reading guys.


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