Roald Dahl Stories on Stamps: Wonkalicious. Whizzpopping. Swizzfiggling. Stampcollecting.

Who doesn’t know Roald Dahl? You may not had the chance to read the books yet but for sure you are aware of the characters in the books and may have known them also in movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or James and the Giant Peach.

In celebration and tribute, Royal Mail has created a set of stamps to highlight Dahl’s work and characters. Who wouldn’t adore these lovelies??

Illustration: Quentin Blake

His daughter Ophelia Dahl said: “I’m so excited that Royal Mail has honoured my father, Roald Dahl, with these stamps. My dad wrote thousands of letters home throughout his life and never dreamed that one day one of his own characters would grace a stamp.

“He’d be thrilled. This is an excellent way for us to kick off a year of celebrations to mark 30 years in print for The BFG and it’s great that the stamps include a collector’s set, devoted to The BFG and other characters from this book.”

These illustrations are sold in a wide variety of choices. If you head on to the Royal Mail website (site stated below) you’ll see that these illustrations are available in Presentation Packs, Pin Badges, Framed Stamps, etc.

Royal Mail Official Website


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