Book Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Title: Supernaturally (Paranormalcy #2)
Author: Kiersten White
Pages: 336
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 0061985864

Evie finally has the normal life she’s always longed for. But she’s shocked to discover that being ordinary can be . . . kind of boring. Just when Evie starts to long for her days at the International Paranormal Containment Agency, she’s given a chance to work for them again. Desperate for a break from all the normalcy, she agrees.

But as one disastrous mission leads to another, Evie starts to wonder if she made the right choice. And when Evie’s faerie ex-boyfriend Reth appears with devastating revelations about her past, she discovers that there’s a battle brewing between the faerie courts that could throw the whole supernatural world into chaos. The prize in question? Evie herself.

So much for normal.


I had a hard time with this one. I enjoyed Paranormalcy don’t get me wrong but somehow Supernaturally didn’t deliver as great as the first book.

Supernaturally continues the story of Evie and how she wanted her life to be – a life she thought was exciting and all that jazz somehow became boring and empty at some point. Her view of the outside world was so huge that when she really became part of it, it disappointed her – disappointed her bigtime. Oh Bleep! In addition to her not so exciting life, her relationship with Lend isn’t improving either. But to set those aside, Evie still has her charm. In spite being sarcastic most of the times, she is definitely hilarious. I had a lot of laugh reading Supernaturally. I just felt that the book lack the spark and pull like Paranormalcy but it’s still worth the reading time. Definitely written well by White and definitely a great follow up to Paranormalcy. The ending was expected, nothing shocking or that may just be me. This is a so-so book for me. Don’t hate it, didn’t go gaga over it either. Still don’t know the connection of the cover to the story but it’s a lovely cover none the less. Let’s see how the third book will wrap this series up, and let’s leve the judging until then.

Book 1: Paranormalcy


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