Morganville Vampire Series = My oh my!

I am a lover of vampire novels/series if you followed me on my previous blog. Whenever I start reading the first book in a series, particularly vampire stories, I just can’t stop reading book after book which is why I must have at least half of the series. Last week, I devoted my entire weekday to read Rachel Cain’s Morganville Vampire series – there’s 13 books as far as I know correct me if I am wrong guys – and I’ve read all 8 of them and on my 9th book. Thinking about it, the impression one would think is that “Wow she loves the series sooo much she read all 8 books in a week!” but sad to say I didn’t. So next would be, “Well, why did you read 8 books?”. Which is why I decided to write this post.  I’ll  try enumerate the things I hated and liked about the series (actually just the points that I can remember). Just to remind you, this is not a hate post, I just wanted to provide you with the “whys”. In stead of writing a book review for the individual books wherein I’ll award 1-3 stars each, I’d rather write a post regarding the series as a whole.

1.) Characters – the main characters of the series were okay. They were not that great but they were also not horrible. I just feel so disconnected with the characters but with a few exemptions (mind you, these exemptions are minor characters).

Claire, Eve, Shane, Michael – your human squad in the story. These teenager are the perfect example of protagonists that has a hero complex are your typical teens. Care free, doesn’t give a bum about the harm of living in Morganville and would do whatever they want to do just because they can get away with it. Oh don’t get me wrong, they did do a lot of heroic stuff, stuff that they should be thanked about but boy aren’t they just lucky. Lucky enough to be still alive, that is. They act and speak without thinking and mind you – they are always up against vampires. Teenagers without weapons & training vs. Old and powerful vampires. Want to guess who always wins?

Amelie, Oliver, Sam, Michael – the vampire team. Okay, hold up! I know what you are thinking. Why did I include Michael in both list right? Well, that’s basically a hint of hat will happen to him in the next few books (sorry about the spoiler guys). Why do I get the feeling that these so called vampire are weak? Hmmmm is it just me or is it my misinterpretation of Cain’s characters? It’s just that, I was so used to reading about vampires and their powers, them being scary and all but in this series they are like humans who have muscles. That’s just how I see them. They are not scary, not even powerful and there’s just something with the vampires that screams weakness to me.

Monica. Oh yes, she has her own space in this post. Believe me when you start reading about her, you’ll hate her to the extreme. Kudos for Cain in writing this character more bad ass than our resident vampire squad. She’s bitchy, oh no wait she’s evil.

To even out this point, I did love some of the characters. Myrnin is one of my favorite as well as Richard. Ada is somewhat a nice addition to the insanity of the story as well. A glimpse of funny here and there, I had a few “haha” moments but that’s just that. It comes and goes. *sigh*

2.) Plot/story line – don’t even get me started. I get the originality and concept of the story but man this is insanely a “meh” moment for me. You have a town where the people lives with vampires, they pay taxes in blood, they have a judicial system ruled by 3-4 vampires (can’t even remember the right number, sorry) and 1 human, and they have protection bracelets that doesn’t provide them any protection at all. Did I even include that their outside communication is monitored, they can’t get away from the town if they wanted and if they do they don’t remember the town or anything relating to it EVER and they have a university where the students don’t fully grasp what is happening outside the university walls.

I can’t remember the book wherein they was at war – imagine an all out war between vampires and humans – chaos and death yet somehow the students in the university doesn’t have a clue on what’s happening and they are safe. And to top that, they still continue classes! CLASSES.DURING.WAR I really don’t get that! It’s like the university has a protective globe around it to keeps everything at bay.

On a lighter note, the story does progress in a fast pace between books. It never gets dull. In fact there will come a point wherein you’ll just be bugged about the left and right conflict in the story – well I did, first 3 books in fact.

3.) Antagonist. Goonies. Villains – NOT SCARY AT ALL. ’nuff said.

4.) Pacing – as I said in my 2nd point, the books (stand alone or the entire series) is a quick read. Start – conflict – resolution – end. There’s no in between or play of words just to lengthen the story. I would also point out that Cain’s writing style is very easy to adapt. That’s the main high light of the series in my opinion. Who wants to read a book that you don’t understand what you are reading half the time? Well, understood that this is a vampire story, but still it’s highly commendable that her writing style is easy and “reader friendly” if there is such a term.

5.) Ending. Basically it’s like a television series episode – you’re given a cliff hanger ending which falls under the category of “Ohhh must read the next book” rather than “Why the bum did the author did that for?” The story flows continually, from one book to the next which is why I highly recommend you read the book in progression or continuously.

That’s as far as I go. I can’t think of anything else to add but rather I’d like to end this post by stating that in spite of having a lot of hate regarding the books I won’t tell you to not read the book since you might enjoy the books that I did bot. It is really a matter of preference. I would encourage you to read the first book which is Glass House if my memory is correct and see for yourself if you’ll enjoy that or not. If by the end of reading it you hate the story, then please do share the points on what bugged you and what you liked. If you loved the series, I applaud you! And please do also share your thoughts 🙂 If you already read the series or some of the books, share what you have in mind and let’s compare notes so other readers can take down notes on what to look for.

I would not tell you that this is so not for me since I love vampire novels but I’d say that the series was not grabbing my attention enough to squeal and go crazy about it. I did try hard though, give me points for not giving up and reading up to 8 books hoping that the series will grow on me and get better but at the end of the day, this series is one of those books that I’d say adios to.


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