Book Review: The Six by K.B. Hoyle

Title: The Six (The Gateway Chronicles #1)
Author: K.B Hoyle
Pages: 256
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop
ISBN: 1449535798
Source: Netgalley

Darcy Pennington hates her life. She is an insufferably average teenager with no real friends, crushing social anxiety, and an indescribable sense of not fitting in anywhere. A change in her dad’s job forces her to attend Cedar Cove Family Camp the summer before her eighth-grade year, and Darcy once again finds herself on the outside of a social circle of teenagers, with her only advocate being an awkward girl named Samantha Palm. The only problem is, Darcy has no desire to be friends with her, but as the hostility from the other teenagers increases, she decides to return the friendship.

When Darcy begins to experience strange magical occurrences, she comes to believe she’s either losing her mind or on the brink of a discovery that could give her purpose in life. After unwittingly stumbling through a magical gateway to a new world called Alitheia, she convinces Sam and the other four teenagers to travel there with her, and despite their earlier hostilities toward her, they eventually concede leadership of their small group to Darcy. Once there, they learn the “arrival of the Six” was prophesied hundreds of years before, and that they must expel an ancient evil from the land. In the end their lives, and the fate of Alitheia, will hinge upon Darcy. Will she have what it takes to fulfill her mysterious purpose? Or will she fall prey to a deadly foe?


The Six. I was initially intrigued by the novel the moment I saw it in Netgalley and immediately requested it but for unknown reasons, I kept on passing through it in my reader and it became unnoticed for a couple of weeks. A couple of days ago, I started reading The Six and boy was I disappointed! Well, not in the way that you are probably thinking. I was very disappointed with myself for not reading the novel the moment I got it in my reader.

The Six is a story of Darcy and 5 of her friends who were prophesied to help Alitheia win against the baddies in their land. The Six has a Narnia vibe to it I must admit – it is similar when it comes to the parallel world concept, time stopping events and magical creatures but The Six has it’s own flavor to it. What I loved most about The Six was how the author created a world so enchanting and magical it was very entertaining to read and being a fan of Tolkien’s LOTR trilogy – The Six became memorable in my bookshelf.

Now for the characters, this is most likely the ever voiced opinion with regards to this novel – Darcy is an immature and selfish kid and I am not liking her one single bit. Actually that was also the main pull for me which is why I became so interested in the first few pages. so it’s win win. Darcy is negative from the start of the novel and I kept on figuring what her deal was and why she was like that. She also came of as a brat for me so I wasn’t really into her character although I would point out that as the story progress, her character matures a little but still not there. Her companions were also fun to follow. Each kid had their own personality and all 5 are very distinguishable from each other so you won’t have any issues following the story line. The magical creatures are also to look forward to. It would have been nice to learn a little more about these creatures though. Favorites would be Yahto Veli and Voitto Vesa, the narks (I can’t remember if I got that right, it’s narks right?). One person with two personality – literally. Narks has day and night counterparts. Their appearance and personalities changes as the time pass so imagine my confusion with their names as first. It’s Yahto and Veli (morning and night nark or the other way around, LOL) as the author explained in the story but to avoid confusion they use Yahto Veli or Vitto Vesa, whoever the nark is but still, it can get very confusing. In addition before I forgot, each kid also has a animal companion and forgive me, I forgot their names but as far as I can remember there’s a badger, lion, fox, bird (forgot what tye of bird) and a horse annnnnnnnnnd I’m forgetting one.  Geez, see with the intricate world created by Hoyle, one tends to get lost with it in a fun way.

Storytelling was superb. Hoyle has a gift for writing, it was very flawless and entertaining. I can really get a vibe  and see the story and the commotion, feel the emotions, the development. It has a balanced mix of fantasy and adventure with a little bonus of drama on the side. The ending was very intriguing and you’ll know immediately that it isn’t a stand alone book.

I got sucked in the story, got stucked in it and now I am wanting more. The Six is very recommended especially for people who enjoy fantasy and action. It is a mix of Narnia with a little Tolkien and a dash of Potter.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Six by K.B. Hoyle

  1. Sounds like a great read…the authors ability to translate the story to paper is key!

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