Question: Book with disappearing text in 2 months, yay or nay?

If found this fascinating video about  Eterna Cadencia, an Argentinan publishing company, who uses disappearing ink in books for promoting new authors. Sounds very fun and interesting right? The concept is actually genius especially a lot of readers nowadays purchase books from authors, especially new authors, but most often leaves them stacked in their TBR pile however as interesting as the concept sounds there’s a major drawback with this idea. So as it is said, the ink eventually disappears after 2 months from exposure to air – after two months, you are left with a book with blank pages. The question is, what are the readers going to do about a pile of blank pages? See the drawback here? Can that book be “swapped” for a “finished” copy or are we left to own a stack of papers bound to represent a book?

Most readers, including myself, read tons of books either it be from an established author or an upcoming author. We also have tons of books that we keep for future re-reading and most of us pass or share books to fellow book lovers to spread the word. So how is this concept gonna benefit anybody? Now, if book publishers uses that idea on an ARC, maybe it’s do-able especially since reading and reviewing ARC has time restrains BUT if that idea is implemented in finished books – that’s a major flop. It may intrigue people at first but after sometime this concept will rise problems.

Another great way to use this idea is for reading assignments in school. Here in the Philippines, we don’t usually read literature in English class but I know other countries do, right? If that same idea is used, well a lot of kids will finished their reading assignments ahead of time. A lot less excuses and more productivity in my POV.

Another point for NAY – eBook sales are on a rise. Tons of readers are gearing their arsenal with eReaders and most book sellers and gadgets has options of syncing multiple devices. Now, to save money would one rather purchase a book wherein its text disappears after 2 months or would they purchase eBooks which is way cheaper (not all the time though) and printed books instead?

I’ve got mixed opinion about it and i’m leaning more on “this is cool, but can be the biggest example of a major fail plan”.

READERS: what is your opinion about this idea? Would you want to purchase a book like this?

AUTHORS: Would you be willing to be promoted in this way? Would you be interested in this idea regarding your books considering the pros and cons around it?


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