TOP 5 Literary Fiction Books I Would Read by Hillary E. Peak

The Solitary Bookworm is proud to have Hillary E. Peak today for a guest post. Hillary E. Peak is the author behind Wings of Hope (which I totally loved and reviewed). If you haven’t read the book yet read the blurb included in my review, who knows maybe you’ll love it as much as I do! ūüôā

TOP 5 Literary Fiction Books I Would Read

1. Bel Canto: This story has stayed with me for years. The¬†characters were so well drawn, I’ve never truly been rid of them. The¬†pain ripped me apart when I read this novel. If you haven’t read¬†it–it is a must for anyone who wants that feeling of being desperate¬†to get home to get back to your book.

2. Water for Elephants: I loved this novel because I found it so interesting. It is written from a male perspective, which I was intrigued with. The story is told by the same character at different points in his life. Also, I love animals, which made this story bittersweet for me.

3. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society: This tale is¬†told through letters, which is extremely hard to do and make it¬†interesting. But the authors here not only tell a spectacular story,¬†I learned all about a new place–Guernsey, as well as historical facts¬†about the island being occupied by the Germans during WWII. This book¬†made me long to go for a visit.

4. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: Even now, thinking about this book, makes my stomach a little sick. The descriptions of foot binding are so power, the pain is acute and the stress very real. I knew nothing about this practice, how or why it was done. Additionally, I learned all sorts of things about Chinese culture and the power of friendship.

5. The Thirteenth Tale: Although this is a slightly different genre,¬†it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The reveal is the most¬†shocking I’ve ever read. I loved the way this book spun multiple¬†stories, making you uncertain of what was real and what was fake. It¬†was complex, fascinating and highly enjoyable.

** This post is in part of my blog stop for Wings of Hope by Enchanted Book Promotions


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