Book Review: The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel by Paolo Giordano

Title: The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel
Author: Paolo Giordano
Pages: 271
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
ISBN: 0143118595

A prime number is a lonely thing. It can only be divided by itself or by one, and it never truly fits with another. Alice and Mattia are both “primes”-misfits haunted by early tragedies. When the two meet as teenagers, they recognize in each other a kindred, damaged spirit. Years later, a chance encounter reunites them and forces a lifetime of concealed emotion to the surface. But can two prime numbers ever find a way to be together? A brilliantly conceived and elegantly written debut novel, The Solitude of Prime Numbers is a stunning meditation on loneliness, love, and what it means to be human.


The Solitude of Prime Numbers revolves around Mattia and Alice, two individuals who doesn’t know each other but paths would cross and they will influence each others life’s. The Solitude of Prime Numbers is not a very happy novel to divulge in, it can be depressing at some point but the story is deep and heartfelt.

Alice is very troubled to say the least. A teen girl who’s been wanting to be accepted. Mattia on the other hand has a sad soul not content with everything or anything. There seems to be nothing important in his life than Math – the logic and complexity behind it. When these two teenagers met, there’s something heart breaking about the two. It’s really hard to explain but I’ll tell you as early as now, if you want a love story with happily every after – this is not the book for you. There is no cliche in The Solitude of Prime Numbers, it’s plain and simple – as discussed in the book Mattia and Alice are two prime number – two separate entity that will never be together because no matter how hard they try, there will always be a wall to separate the two (17 and 19, separated by 18 and so on and so forth).

To sum it up The Solitude of Prime Numbers is somewhat a glimpse and in a way explains the issues carried by most of us hinders the development of love, companionship and happiness into full bloom. there are incidents that can be very traumatic, like what Alice and Mattia experienced, but that shouldn’t hinder someone from living.  I don’t mean the literal way of living but rather living the life that you wish. There are experiences that marks one’s life forever but take those experiences as life lessons and battle scars rather than phantom enemies that haunts you forever, killing your soul and the life in you. Life is beautiful and loving is divine, don’t let yourself stop living and loving but rather find someone that you can share these experience with to grow and life happily.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers is beautiful and bittersweet and Giordano wrote it exquisitely that it will always be a read that I’ll always remember. It may not be for everybody and some may not enjoy it but as I said it is deep and it is complex beats most novels I know that doesn’t have any sense or just a re-hash of other stories. This book is highly recommended, believe me!


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