Title Hunt (1): The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


Hi Lovelies! I’ve been brewing this idea for quite a few months now and my only regret is to not do it sooner. Anyway, The Solitary Bookworm present you Title Hunt. Title Hunt basically means finding the title of a book within the novel. I found it interesting and entertaining as well challenging to find these “hidden” titles within the story which is why I decided to document these finds through Title Hunt. For starters, the very first title hunt I will feature is one of my favorite reads for 2012. Without further ad0 –

What is Title Hunt? Title Hunt (TH) is a feature in The Solitary Bookworm wherein I features screen caps or pictures of book titles written and deviously hidden by authors  within the story of a book.

Page 111, HB

(Click image for link to the review)

** If you want to participate or know more about Title Hunt, please visit HERE.


4 thoughts on “Title Hunt (1): The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

  1. I love, LOVE that you are doing this. I am a dork, admittedly, but I always thought it made me dorkier that I did this. Every book that I have read for as long as I can remember, I have always kept an eye out for the title written somewhere in the book. It is my very own, nerd girl version of Where’s Waldo. Which I love, by the way! I am an excited girl for this one!

    • Hello Jaime. Hahah I thought the same thing which is why I pushed it until today to do Title Hunt. Glad to find another nerd who enjoys finding titles as well and indeed, it is like Where’s Waldo – but more difficult. Hahahah. Thanks for stopping by Jaime.

  2. I love doing this for books especially when the title sheds deeper insight into the themes of the story. I haven’t read any John Green ever but I’ve heard so many good things about him.

    • Glad to know another reader who enjoys doing this as well. 🙂 This was my first John Green book and I enjoyed it, I have Looking for Alaska in my TBR pile and hope that it’s as good as his other works.

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