Why I Love Grimalkin From the Iron Fey Series

I was never a team Ash or team Puck kind of fan – if I have to side myself with a “team”, then it would be team Grimalkin. First fact – we have the first 5 letter of our names common GRIMALkin (you know I wouldn’t post my last name right? But believe me when I say we have that similarities) that alone makes me love this character more. C’mon who wouldn’t like adore love  IDOLIZE this feline? Anyone who doesn’t know how to appreciate a character like Grimalkin is a reader who couldn’t remember a character worthy of attention (not to offend anyone though).

From the very start, I never did envision Grimalkin as the cute and fury kitty –

or this

Grimalkin is more of like the chesire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Whenever I think and imagine the chesire cat, I immediately remember Grimalkin. I am not saying that they are the same, but my opinion is that they may be siblings from a different mother. 🙂 Who knows?

Oh wait, how about this one? Right? It’s Grimalkin through and through (Imagine a dialogue bubble with “I’m a cat”. Perfect right??)

Okay so, why really do I like this feline? For one, Grimalkin has SWAGGER. Grimalkin has that presence that makes you listen, pay attention or just oogle. Grimalkin has that attitude that will either make you laugh so hard or make you scratch your hear or would even make you raise a brow. Just the way Grimalkin utters, “I’m a cat.” is a statement and a fact in one. There’s no other alternative explanation but that. No matter what adventure and trouble they are in, Grimalkin always saves the day 99% of the time (don’t mind the sword fighting of Ash or the jumping and running of Puck and Meghan). At the end of the day the fact always remains – without Grimalkin to give them THAT vital information/help they need, they wouldn’t make it through anything.

Grimalkin = a talking cat. Did you ever wonder how fun it would be to magically grant your pet the ability to speak? Or wonder what your pets are thinking? Well just think of Grimalkin and you’ll definitely want a talking cat as a companion or maybe not (especially if you can’t appreciate sarcasm and honesty).

Grimalkin has perfect timing! Funny how this feline always knows when to appear and disappear – that’s not being unfair or whatever you want to call it. I say it’s being smart! this cat sure do know how to get around everybody.

Another, Grimalkin is either sarcastic or brutally honest. Sometimes the banter and the lines between the characters tends to get boring, but when Grimalkin speaks, you will know that you’ll have a good laugh. It’s Grimalkin way of delivering anything – confident and sure!

Third, because of so much fabulousness that emanates from Grimalkin, this cat deserves a book of his own (Pretty pretty please ohhh favorite author of mine, grant Grimalkin’s fans such as I with a story about Grimalkin).

To be honest, I followed the series until the end not because I was team Puck or team Ash – it was because of Grimalkin and how I never got enough of him.

And finally, as Grimalkin always used to say – of course he’s a cat! Need I say more? 🙂

** This should have been a 150 words post of why I love Grimalkin, but since I idolize this character – I think I overdid it. Oooops.

*** if you’re wonder what’s with the post, well favorite author Julie Kagawa is hosting a contest for the Iron Fey series fans. If you haven’t read about it yet, you can read all about it HERE.


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