Book Review: Wanting Rita by Elyse Douglas + Kindle Fire giveaway

Title: Wanting Rita
Author: Elyse Douglas
Pages: 261
Source: Pump Up Your Book

When his high school sweetheart experiences a devastating tragedy, Dr. Alan Lincoln reluctantly returns to his Pennsylvania hometown to see her. It’s been 15 years. Rita was a small town beauty queen—his first love whom he has never forgotten. He was a nerd from a wealthy family. Her family was poor. They formed a strong connection during their senior year, but Rita married someone else, and the marriage ended tragically.

Alan’s marriage of three years is disintegrating, and he sees in Rita the chance to begin again with the true love of his life. Rita has been mentally and emotionally shattered, but she reaches out to Alan and fights to build a new life with him. During a passionate summer, however, the past and present converge and threaten their rekindled love, as Alan and Rita must struggle with old ghosts and new secrets.


Wanting Rita is a surprisingly good read. It was a perfect example of a book that keeps getting better as you turn each page. It is sweet and heart breaking at the same time.

Wanting Rita is about Rita and Alan, high school sweet hearts, who lost and found love in each others arms after years of separation. Rita on my opinion was kinda weird but I believe that was her charm. She was shy but has that spunk if you know what I mean. Alan was a nerd, someone-who-always-in-the-shadow type until the day he decided to approach Rita. They both clicked because of writing and their stories and that was what solidified their connection. It was somewhat their escape and their own haven against everything.

Like any other growing up stories, Rita and Alan parted ways and lived their lives after high school. 15 years later, Alan decided to sell his fathers house which became a bridge to his connection with Rita once more.

The middle part of the story is where all the juicy parts starts. Wanting Rita started slow for me and there were a few times that I didn’t want to finish it but there’s a pull inside me for Wanting Rita – I cannot explain what but I am glad that I finished this story. As I said, it was heart breaking how Alan was wanting Rita so badly but because of what Rita experienced she wasn’t able to give that love that Alan deserves and she’ll rather sacrifice their relationship than hurt Alan in the long run. It was sad that Rita was all broken and miserable, that she can’t live a truely happy life and it was amazing how Alan’s love for Rita never died, and in some way – it was what sustained him throughout his life. In my opinion, Rita was Alan’s the-girl-who-got-away and I admire Alan for following his heart against all odds.

I love how the story ended. It was truly a love story that would make your heart go “aaaaawwww”. Bear in mind that this is not a mushy love story. It is painful and sad, it portrays the truth that most wouldn’t want to admit and it is very honest. That’s mostly what I loved about Wanting Rita.

(review is more like a 3.5 stars, since I don’t have half stars to award I used my 3 rating instead)


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Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Columbia University. She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress and a speech-language pathologist. She and her husband, Douglas Pennington, have completed three novels: The Astrologer’s Daughter, Wanting Rita and a Christmas novel to be released later this year.

Douglas grew up in a family where music and astrology were second and third languages. He attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and played the piano professionally for many years. With his wife, Elyse, he has helped to pen The Astrologer’s Daughter and Wanting Rita.

When asked how they write a novel together, Doug often answers, “Well… If Elyse is dismissive and quietly pacing, then I know something’s not working. If I’m defensive, dramatic and defiant, then I know Elyse will soon be scowling and quietly pacing. We remind ourselves of Rita and Alan James in our novel, Wanting Rita. How the books get finished, I don’t know.”
Elyse Douglas live in New York City.


21 thoughts on “Book Review: Wanting Rita by Elyse Douglas + Kindle Fire giveaway

  1. I don’t really believe in soul mates in the form of predestined love. I think a couple can fall in love deeply enough that the love becomes a soul linking phenomenon.

    Do the couple in this book feel that deeply for each other? If they do then unless a threat tears them apart physically they can be together.

  2. I think they could be soul mates – if they can have a mature relationship after 15 years of becoming different people, then yes.

  3. I think it is certainly possible. Who is someone else to say whether or not a couple is meant to be together, or not? Just about everyone assumed my husband and I were not going to make it in a long term relationship. We have now been married nearly 11 years, and it’s not uncommon for complete strangers to comment on how “in love” we look when we are together… My point is, the most unlikely of circumstances can bring two people together forever, and create a bond that is never to be broken. Though the other side of that is true, too. Sometimes the couple you think will be together forever is torn apart over the most trivial of matters. You just never know.

  4. i don’t believe in soul mates, but i do believe that some people do click and then if they work on the relationship and want it to work, then something very good might happen. and it looks like maybe these two would make it happen

  5. If soul mates do exist, then maybe yes. I’d like to think that there’s something that’s “meant to be” about them if two people continue to find one another throughout one lifetime. Maybe it’s their life-forces drawing one another together. Who knows…

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