Hunter, books, and the failed attempt to organize

These past two weeks I’ve been relying on scheduled posts. I don’t know what happened but I have not been actively blogging lately due to some urgent work related problems obligations. I’ve been to occupied with tons of work on tight schedules and been juggling clients left and right, its crazy. The Solitary Bookworm isn’t really something that I full time but for fun and to relieve stress. I do hope that the upcoming weeks will be better though.


This mini schnauzer buddy of mine (3 months old) came home 3 days ago and its been crazy tiring amazing! You know how it is when you have a new puppy and you’re house breaking them, wow that alone really takes a lot of work. He’s sweet, adorable and so playful. He likes to snuggle and sleep at odd places and I just love him to bits.


I’ve been trying to not buy books this September but whenever I go to the mall and see our bookstore, I just can’t help myself. This is where I fail miserably. Arrrgh so here’s what I got for the month of September –

Girl With a Pearl Earring, The 6th Lamentation & The House of the Seven Gables

So I got 11 books in the span of 2 weeks alone excluding the books I got a week before that.

See where my problem is? Gosh, when it comes to books, I just cave in.


Okay so to make space for Hunters stuff, I’ve evacuated the lower shelf and maximized the 5 spaces above. I’ll just like to tell you now, I don’t know how I’m going to organize this bookshelf properly. Arrgh!

top most

Second level


And since I forgot to take a picture of the 4th and 5th level, here’s the picture of the whole shelf in its glory. 😀 So I tried to organized it by genre but since I sucked at that I tried to organized by height but I wasn’t too happy with how it looked so I organized it next by color and still left me unsatisfied. Eventually I decided to organize it by priority. 1st and 5th shelf are for future reading, 2nd and 4th shelf for urgent reading and the middle shelf is for priority.

My camera skills are awful! Where’s the top shelf Mary Grace? Geez.

Okay, that’s t for me this week guys. Hopefully next week will be better but no regrets so far. Watch out for the tours and giveaways scheduled for this week and have a smashing weekend. So how is your week so far?

SIDE NOTE: I haven’t posted any FGH recently since I decided that I’ll do that via my Tumblr page. Whoever has a Tumblr account, add TSBs Tumblr page! Would love to connect with ya’ll.


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