I Googled You!!! :D

Just because XD Enjoy your weekend guys. So busy with work I hope I can update the blog this weekend. Much love ❤


Rafflecopter, Facebook page & WordPress.com

FINALLY! I’ve been trying to find a workaround on working with Rafflecopter since I can’t (and all wordpress.com users) use it in their blogs but this afternoon after trying to read blogs and alternative options I finally got my answers. Rafflecopter works with Facebook, and you can also add not just one but *3 forms there. It’s really easy to add the form and I have tested it myself and it’s great. Can’t wait to use it for the next giveaway to see how successful and effective it will be.

For guys with WordPress.com accounts who wants to use Rafflecopterand has a Facebook page, you should check it out. Tutorial can be found HERE. Just wanted to share this with ya’ll.

* SIDE NOTE: I mentioned three forms since you can add another form by using the html section at the top and bottom but that is definitely up to you. If you run 1 giveaway, and you want to change the form to another giveaway all you just need to do is click the Facebook link in the embed tab and it replaces the form for you.

** Additional notes: This is how it looks like when you run more than 1 giveaway. The top giveaway is for a blog tour that I added in the top html section while the one at the bottom is the test form that I added through the Rafflecopter website. The html section at the top and bottom part is a great way to add another Rafflecaptor form that you didn’t make (from book tours and other stuff) .

This post really is for fellow WordPress.com users who wants to use Rafflecopter instead of Google forms.

8/20/2012: I have played and used this method for a few of my giveaways and it was very effective so far. 🙂 So here’s a few tips in addition to what is mentioned above.

You can add more than 3, as many as you want as long as it is properly formatted (html wise). I haven’t tested the limits as to numbers but as far as I can tell, there’s no issue in adding a number of forms.

For better and easier way of going to and from a direct link, include the direct link before the form. It will usually look like this:

<a href=”direct url of the post”>Title or phrase to describe post</a>

</br> – this is usually the code to add an additional line

then the link of the giveaway after </br> then click preview. If the result is satisfactory for you, then click save.

WARNING: Usually we attach 1 Rafflecopter directly from the Rafflecopter website, if the giveaway for that form has ended when you replace it with another, all the html code for your other website will be gone so make sure you copy the code before doing any changes.


Goals and plan off a busy bee –

I’ve been so busy lately that I got astray with my reading schedule (well I don’t really have a reading schedule per se but I do try to read and review as much book as time permits) and got hooked up with more important priorities like work and starting a business. As of today, I just realized I only bought 12 new books (which is ready tamed if you know my spending and reading habits) and read 35 books out of 50 (according to my Goodread 2012 Reading Challenge update).

I need to update and re-introduce myself with the book blogging community. Here are my goals and update as of May:

1. I made a transfer from my Blogger home to WordPress and I am loving every bit of the move so far.

2. Decided that I’ll be more active with my book groups in Goodreads – I am only a member of two so far. One is The Filipino Group  and the other is the YA Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club. Have to catch up on what to read for this year. Decided that I won’t be shy anymore but rather be in the open and socialize more.

3. Organize my bookshelf on what was already read and what are to be read so that I’ll know what books to tackle in the future, not to mention organize the books that are in my Nooks.

4. Discover new books – never limit and be more adventurous in book choices and trying out recommendations by fellow book bloggers.

5. Maximize social media more and widen my network.

6. Comment. Comment. Comment and meet new friends.

** wait, so far everything is more being in the open and meeting friends. Well, it’s because back in 2011 I didn’t participate more in the community, remained a shy bug – sad but true so this year, I vow to socialize. Socialize. SOCIALIZE.

7. BUY more books. (Who can blame me, especially when there are tons of great books this year)

8. Prioritize work/career, better time management and always remember that blogging is fun not something that should be obligatory.

9. Write better reviews. 🙂

10. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. (both for personal and book buying teehee)

With those said, any book recommendations for me? 🙂 Have a great weekend guys and enjoy every page of your current read.