Review Policy

Welcome to The Solitary Bookworm! I am your resident reviewer and bookworm and stumbling upon my policy page will help enlighten you on what makes my reading  hormones tick. 🙂

I am a very eclectic reader and I read a variety of genres but there are a few that I stay away from like:

  • non fiction
  • health related
  • bio and memoirs
  • Self help
  • etc etc

My favorites genres are (in random order) the ff:

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal Fiction
  • Teen/Young Adult
  • Thriller/Murder Mysteries
  • Lesbian fiction
  • Will consider romance, horror and historical fiction

** You can also refer to my list of reviewed books HERE to see if your novel fits. 🙂

Review post contains the books information (Title, Author, Page count, Publisher, ISBN) in addition to my review. Books are rated by golden stars: 5 stars – 1 star.

Series – I read books that are part of a series in chronological order. If you wish to submit your book for a review and it is part of a series – kindly include the previous book/s.

In addition to book reviews I also offer book highlight, host guest post(s) and giveaways. If I am unable to review your book, I will offer promotion of any kind to add exposure to your books to spread the word. I am a member of a few hosting tours (please see list below of page) so my schedule differs but I am very flexible, so it’s best to email me to discuss the possible options.

All reviews I provide are personal, unbiased, and are not and cannot be influenced by the author or other reviews. Be aware that I do DNF books. Books that I am unable to finish: reason can be disclosed if requested by author/publisher. I cross post reviews on Goodreads and Facebook. If author wish to cross publish review in a different site, inform me ahead of time.

Be aware that I am an international blogger. For eBook submission, I prefer eBooks in ePub. I ensure full responsibility to ARCs/eARCs and physical books provided, either electronic or physical, and agree not to sell or distribute.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please feel free to contact me at thesolitarybookworm[@]gmail[.]com or just fill up the form below and I will contact you as soon as I am able.

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