Morganville Vampire Series = My oh my!

I am a lover of vampire novels/series if you followed me on my previous blog. Whenever I start reading the first book in a series, particularly vampire stories, I just can’t stop reading book after book which is why I must have at least half of the series. Last week, I devoted my entire weekday to read Rachel Cain’s Morganville Vampire series – there’s 13 books as far as I know correct me if I am wrong guys – and I’ve read all 8 of them and on my 9th book. Thinking about it, the impression one would think is that “Wow she loves the series sooo much she read all 8 books in a week!” but sad to say I didn’t. So next would be, “Well, why did you read 8 books?”. Which is why I decided to write this post.  I’ll  try enumerate the things I hated and liked about the series (actually just the points that I can remember). Just to remind you, this is not a hate post, I just wanted to provide you with the “whys”. In stead of writing a book review for the individual books wherein I’ll award 1-3 stars each, I’d rather write a post regarding the series as a whole. Continue reading