Book Review: Determinant by A.M. Hargrove

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Title: Determinant (The Guardians of Vesturon #3)
Author: A.M. Hargrove
Published Date: 6/30/2012
Source: Reading Addiction Blog Tour

January St. Davis, on her own since the age of sixteen and struggling to stay in college, thinks she’s scored in a major way when she lands a paid summer internship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. One evening, after working an especially long shift, a chance encounter with a group of mysterious men alters the course of her life.

Rykerian Yarrister, a Guardian of Vesturon with unearthly powers and impossibly gorgeous looks, finds himself at odds over the human female he recently saved from certain death. When it seems he is on the verge of winning her over, she is ripped from his hands by a strange and powerful being, threatening to destroy her if his demands are not met.

Do Rykerian and the Guardians have the ability to meet this fierce barbarian’s ultimatums, or will January suffer a horrid demise?


Determinant is the third installment in The Guardians of Vesturon series wherein we are introduced with January St. Davis. If you’ll remember, January is actually mentioned in the first book as Maddie’s room mate during college. So January is a troubled teen in the sense that her childhood was not like the usual teens experience for unknown reasons to January, her parents seems to despise her and that alone baffles her. Rykerian on the other hand is amazed by January. He seemed to be mezmerized not only with her beauty but everything about her. Rykerian eventually connect with January but because of her past – she is having a hard tinme determining her feelings.

Continuing with story of the guardians, Xanthia is wanting to control Earth and the other planets through annihilation! They actually planned to wipe out people in Earth in order for the to use its resources. Here we are introduced to Jurek. Jurek is from a different race and it seems like Jurek’s race is more powerful and harder to kill.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story to you guys so I’ll just leave you with that. I did read Survival and Resurrection, books 1 and 2 respectively, and I had a hard time getting into them. The first book gained a low rating for me because of multiple reason, you’ll understand better by reading my review but Resurrection proved to be an improvement and I did liked it which is why I continued reading Determinant (asides the fact that I am part of the tour). Determinant is book 3 in the series but it can also be a stand alone book, however I do advice that you read the first 2 books as it is connected and for me it’ll be easier to read Determinant after.

Okay so what are the changes in Determinant compared to Survival and Resurrection? For one, Determinant is not solely focused on Rayn and Maddie anymore – Determinant is written in January’s and Rykerian’s POV which is told in parts. They both share their sides and they are both amazing characters. January is very head strong but not stubborn very stubborn since she has a hard time trusting people. Rykerian is overwhelming for me due to the fact that most Versturians are known to be very greedy and protective of their true mates. Rykerian can come off as childish in some parts though. A favorite would be Jurek. I would love to know more or read more about this character.

In terms of relationship, I can say that it’s tolerable. From reading Survival and Determinate it seems that Vesturians can easily form a connection. Insta-love would be unavoidable so I can understand that but in fairness to Determinant, January didn’t reciprocate immediately to Reykerian so I wouldn’t really consider their relationship as insta-love. 🙂 January and Jurek is a great brother-sister combo. Hargrove wrote their relationship well and I really see the bonding and connection there. The affection I felt for their weird connection was amazing. So what else? oh here’s one thing I didn’t quite enjoy in Determinant. It had a lot of mushy lines and until now I still can’t take in whenever Rayn calls Maddie sunshine or whenever character profess their love for their mates! I just felt that the mushy lines were overdone. I don’t know why but every time I read that (the sunshine thing) I make a face. Asides that, I loved Determinant. I am curious as to how Hargrove will steer the story now.

** The Guardians of Vesturon Series **

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One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, A. M. Hargrove, realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn’t do something soon, it would quickly be too late to write that work of fiction she had been dreaming of her whole life. So, she rolled down the passenger window of her fabulous (not) company car and tossed out her leather briefcase. Luckily, the pedestrian in the direct line of fire was a dodgeball pro and had über quick reflexes enabling him to avoid getting bashed in the head. Feeling a tad guilty about the near miss, A. M. made a speedy turn down a deserted side street before tossing her crummy, outdated piece-of-you-know-what lap top out the window. She breathed a liberating sigh of relief, picked up her cell phone and hit #4 on her speed dial.

Boss: Hello

A.M.: Boss, is that you?

Boss: Why yes, A. M., who else would be answering my phone?

A.M.: Er… right. Well, I’m calling to let you know you can pick up my luxury Ford Focus at Starbucks near the interstate.

Boss: Why ever would I want to do that?

A.M.: Because I quit!

A.M. hit the end button and speed dialed her husband.

A.M.: Hi hubs, can you pick me up at Starbucks?

Hubs: Sure… Having some car trouble?

A.M.: Not at all. I don’t have a car to have trouble with because I just quit my job.

Hubs: WHAT?!

A.M.: It’s time for a new career and I am going to be a very famous novelist.

So began A. M. Hargrove’s career as a young adult paranormal romance author of self-published ebooks. Her series, The Guardians of Vesturon, centers around a family of six siblings and is a mix of humor, mystery, suspense and of course, love. Survival and Resurrection are her first and second full length novels in the series and Beginnings is the prequel novella. Her third installment, Determinant, will be released on June 30, 2012. (It didn’t happen exactly like that, but you get the idea!)


Determinant is the third installment in the Guardian of Vesturon trilogy wherein we are introduced with January. If you’ll remember, January is actually mentioned in the first book as Maddie’s room mate during college. So January is a troubled teen in the sense that her childhood was troublesome. Her parents seems to despise her and that alone baffles her.

Rykerian on the other hand is amazed by January. He seemed to be mezmerized not only with her beauty but everything about her. Rykerian eventually connect with January but because of her past – she is having a hard tinme determining her feelings.

On the other hand Xanthia is wanting to control Earth and the other planets through annihilation! There have been a lot that happened but I appreciate

Book Review: Resurrection by A.M. Hargrove

Title: Resurrection (The Guardian of Vesturon #2)
Author: A.M. Hargrove
Publisher: Self-Pub
Source: Reading Addiction Blog Tour

“Maddie knew she was dying. Her life started to flash before her. She had visions of running down the soccer field, scoring a goal, eating her mother’s yummy, homemade, sticky cinnamon rolls, standing in her foyer listening to the police tell her father that her mother had been killed in a car accident. Each vision was disturbingly clear—as if it was happening again.”

Rayn Yarrister, the first-born son and Leader of The Guardians, has been imprisoned on Vesturon for breaking their most sacred of covenants. He is suddenly jolted by Maddie’s telepathic pleas for help, as her life hangs in the balance. Can he alert The Guardians in time to save his soulmate? Or will he face his trial alone and broken without his one true love?
In Resurrection (Book 2), The Guardians of Vesturon are facing their biggest challenges as Earth is threatened by an invading species from a distant planet intent on destroying it for its resources. The Guardians, as protectors of the universe, have been assembled to defend not only Earth, but other vulnerable worlds as well. The Yarrister family is threatened by an unknown entity intent on discrediting them. Will they uncover this plot in time to save themselves from ruin? Will The Guardians succeed in stopping the Xanthians, or will Earth be invaded and ravaged by this marauding species?


Resurrection immediately picks up from where Survival left and it’s just plain suspense and curiosity that will keep you reading and reading. Continue reading

Book Review: Survival by A.M. Hargrove

Title: Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon #1)
Author: A.M. Hargrove
Publisher: Self-pub
ISBN: 2940032876106
Source: Reading Addiction Blog Tour

“Maybe I was caught between the two worlds. I was having serious trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality.”

While on a backpacking trip in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, nineteen-year-old Maddie Pearce finds her world has been thrown into a vortex and is madly spinning toward the impossible. Abducted by a mad psychopath, Maddie narrowly escapes with her life. But that is only the beginning. Her mysterious rescuer introduces her to a world that Maddie has difficulty accepting as reality. Will this strikingly gorgeous stranger be the key to her future or will she return to her mundane world, scarred from her experience? Follow Maddie as she is forced to make difficult decisions that carry her to mysterious places only to find that perhaps it was all for nothing.


** NOTE: This book has been read and reviewed prior to the edits of Survival. There maybe a lot of changes or there maybe none. Again, this review is written BEFORE any additional edits that was done by Hargrove recently.

Survival started sounding like a mystery thriller novel. Killers, prey, survival, death, psychopath. We are introduced to the killer and in a few chapters retold his background and the need-to-know details then the story took a spin at around 1/4 through the novel.

The next chapters lingered too long around Maddie’s recovery and how confused she was. It’s mostly back and forth questions of what happened, where she is, and stuff like that. I just felt the story needed to move on. Maddie’s exasperation was unavoidable and I am close to feeling the same as Maddie. Half of the book was too much word play and I kept on skipping through the pages.

Okay now the other part is Rayn’s POV. This part was also a lot of word play and re-encounter of what we already read. I can see what the author is trying to achieve but the dual POV is not working for me in Survival. It’s too much repeatition and that is where the appeal unfortunately disappears. I get that Rayn is hot, gorgeous and beautiful, perfect, awesome – but how many times does this have to be reiterated? We’ll also hear Maddie’s pity-babble, “I am not worthy of you” woes and after a few times it does get old.

The gushiness and mushy lines are overkill for me especially if they are repeated over and over. I just wanted to get past all the insta-love thing. I need to read more than I-love-her-so-much-I-can’t-be-without-her drama. In spite the things that bugged me in Survival, it is very unique and I do want to know how the story will pan out. Another thing I love about the story though is that we get to know about Rayn’s planet and background plus everything in between. This is the most important aspect in a story especially if your character is not human. One more thing I like is that although the author tends to linger on details a bit too much, that’s also her advantage. It’s very hard to write descriptively and make readers imagine what they are reading – in my opinion, the repetitions just needs to be toned down.

I really wanted to love this book but I just can’t. This is, as far as I can remember, the book with the most eye roll from me – it surpassed my disliked for the Morganville series and if you read that post you’ll know that it’s not good and that makes me sad because I had a lot of issues with the Morganville series. But since this is the first book of the series, I am willing to leave everything here and keep an open mind with book 2, Resurrection.

Is Survival for you? I really don’t know and I don’t want to tell you instantly don’t read it. I am hesitant myself but it is very promising and entertaining once you get past the issues I stated above or if you don’t mind my points stated. Maybe the other readers who rated it higher than 3 stars might help you though. Check them out HERE. This review is rated more of a 1.5 stars.