Title Hunt


What is Title Hunt? Title Hunt (TH) is a feature in The Solitary Bookworm wherein I and reader submissions feature screen caps or pictures of book titles written and deviously hidden by authors  within the story of a book.


Have you ever notice in movies that most of the time they will always include the title of the movie in dialogues? No? Well, I have and that got me thinking – does it happen in books as well? Would I also find these title within the book? That’s when the hunt began in locating these “hidden” title or “phrases” within the books I read. It can be in HB, PB, eGalleys or eBooks – wherever they are, I will find them! And so the hunt begins . . .

** SIDE NOTE: Title Hunt is a work in progress and I do it alone (for now), if you want to share your Title Hunt finds, please email me with the ff:

Subject line: Title Hunt feature: (name of book) 

  • include a picture of the page
  • page where you found the book title
  • your blog url (or link of the review of your submission)

Everyone who submits their Title Hunt entry will be credited and cited as a source and contributor with a link to their blog/review. Submit your entries to thesolitarybookworm(at)gmail(.)com

Title Hunt entries

(Pictures are clickable to redirect you to the book review)

Page 111, HB


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