Title Hunt (5): The Oracle by K.B. Hoyle

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Page 87, eBook (Nook)

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Book Review: The Oracle by K.B. Hoyle

Title: The Oracle (The Gateway Chronicles #2)
Author: K.B. Hoyle
Pages: 237
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop
ISBN: 139781612130675

A year ago Darcy Pennington had no real friends. A year ago she’d thought that magic only existed in fairy tales. A year ago she would have laughed at the idea of other worlds.

Then everything changed when she’d visited Cedar Cove Family Camp and stumbled into a magical gateway to a world called Alitheia.
It is the summer before freshman year and Darcy and her five friends have come back to Cedar Cove Family Camp and Alitheia. This return is bittersweet because her elusive purpose in the magical realm continues to evade her. Egged on by Tellius, the boy prince she is prophesied to marry, Darcy rebels and impulsively “petitions” an entity called the Oracle and requests it give her information as to her purpose. In order to receive her answer she must travel to the Oracle, and so she embarks on a journey along with her friends and Yahto Veli, the nark. Too late she realizes her selfish entreaty has thrown the entire outcome of the prophecy itself into question and endangered everyone. Uncertainties mount between Darcy and her companions as they fight their way through enemy territory to locate the Oracle, and an unwelcome visitor from Cedar Cove adds a layer of mystery that none of them are prepared for.

But the perils of the quest are nothing when compared to what lies in wait for her in the lair of the Oracle. There is a cost associated with every question asked– a cost that may be far greater than Darcy is willing to pay. And someone may choose to make the ultimate sacrifice to free her from it.


The Oracle follows the next chapter of the six chosen to fulfill the prophecy. Darcy, Amelia, Sam, Lewis, Perry & Dean travels back to Alithea to continue their adventure in the hope of accomplishing the prophesied future for both the group and Alithea.

What’s new in The Oracle? The second book in the Gateway Chronicles was as exciting as The Six and I thoroughly enjoyed every single page. It was engaging, captivating and beautifully written. I also applause Hoyle for writing both The Six and The Oracle with such details. I didn’t know what I was expecting from The Oracle when I started reading it, I didn’t even read the blurb to make the whole experience mysterious and I made the right choice.

Okay so events. At first it seemed like the group was just in Alithea to enjoy, train and educate themselves but Darcy and Tellus struck again. It seemed like both Tellus and Darcy felt the same thing – they don’t want to be wed which led to Tellus telling Darcy about a book that suggested the wrong interpretation of the prophecy. Darcy seeing it as an opening to not marrying, studied the book and activated the invocation with the oracle. Not a good idea! So a group was assembled by Rubidius for the journey.

Lady Darcy, Lady Darcy – you did it again. Great job! a friend lost for a fools errand. I really sympathize with Darcy on some point but most of the time she just came off as a self centered child. I know why she wanted to go on with the mission in spite the evidence of trouble but I can’t fully applause her for that. And at the end of the journey, Darcy loses one of my favorite character and for me, it wasn’t worth it. The Oracle makes me sad actually, the whole event for me was heart breaking and I can’t seem to get rid my irritation for Darcy. I do hope that in the third book, The White Thread, Darcy’s attitude would mature a little. She is really getting in my nerves.

Nothing much happened to the other guys in this installment and in spite the cliffhanger ending, I am looking forward to reading The White Thread. Take note that this installment does not lack the adventure and thrill that you seek in a fantasy novel. I definitely recommend The Gateway Chronicles series to everyone!

The Gateway Chronicles

The Oracle

FGH: Found, Grabbed, Hauled (IMM 8)

FGH: Found, Grabbed & Hauled is basically IMM – rebranded. Like the title said, this post highlights books that I found, grabbed and purchased this week. Includes bookish finds from second hand shops, bookstores, eARCS (Netgalley & Authors/Publishers) and anything book related.

Hey guys, so this is my 2nd post for FGH and I’ve got a number of books to share with ya’ll. I finally received my BD package and was sooo happy to open them. So here’s what I got this week:


* BS – Booksale (second hand shop), NBS (national bookstore)
Ohhh and I’ve also got this Merriam-Webster dictionary WITH Garfield Comics 😛
Usually there’s a word listed in the box section there (lookee picture above) and they use that word in a sentence in the comic strips.
On another hand, I bought Kwentillion (heard this from Chachic) and the illustrations are sooooo good guys. Only browsed it a few times and just looking at the art works is A-mazing!
Gaaah. I really don’t have any talent with taking pictures, can’t justify the beauty of these artworks. 🙂 It’s too pretty in person yo guys. I have to read it soon!!!



Intangible (Intangible #1)
by J. Meyers

Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift.

Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it.

The Oracle (The Gateway Chronicles #2)

by K.B. Hoyle

A year ago Darcy Pennington had no real friends. A year ago she’d thought that magic only existed in fairy tales. A year ago she would have laughed at the idea of other worlds.

Then everything changed when she’d visited Cedar Cove Family Camp and stumbled into a magical gateway to a world called Alitheia.

Wings of Hope
by Hillary E. Peak

The bond of a father and daughter is special. When Jules father asks her to come be stay with him because he’s terminally ill, she goes for the remarkable opportunity to really know her father. She never dreamed he had liberated a concentration camp, dealt cards to Bugsy Siegel or saved the life of a Black Panther. Wings of Hope takes you on a road trip through the memories of a man making peace with his life through his conversations with his daughter. Teaching her that death is sometimes the most heartbreakingly beautiful part of life. Hope is the last gift of a father to his daughter–the power to reach for her dreams.

Dead Radiance (Valkyrie #1)
by T.G. Ayer

Bryn Halbrook had always seen the glow. But it is only when her best friend dies that she discovers the meaning of those beautiful golden auras — Death. Alone, lost in the foster system, she struggles to understand who she is and why she was cursed with the ability to see the soon-to-be-dead.

The new foster kid, Aidan, isn’t helping any. Mr. Perfect seems to fit in no matter what, making her feel even more pathetic. But when his affections turn to her, Bryn finds him hard to resist. Impossible actually. A mystery himself, Aidan disappears, leaving behind a broken heart and a mysterious book that suggests Bryn might not be entirely human.

Bryn stands at the threshold of a journey of discovery. Will destiny help her find herself, find her purpose and her place in a world in which she’d never belonged?

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SIDE NOTE: I just received an email for the upcoming book to read from TFG (The Filipino Group) via Goodreads, I still haven’t finished The Fellowship of the Rings. Arrrgghh but I think I’ll finish it by Sunday, hopefully finish it by Sunday, HAVE to finish it by Sunday. Hahahah.

Okay what did you receive for this week guys??